Whether you’re considering travel via plane, train, bus, or your own vehicle, transport into the City of Philadelphia is comfortable and accessible. In addition to shuttles that will be available at the airport, a train ride can get your from your terminal to your hotel in 30 minutes. Philly is also taxi, Uber, and Lyft friendly with designated waiting areas for each at the Philadelphia International Airport. Transport into the City by train and bus is just as convenient with the nation’s second busiest Amtrak station in the heart of the city in addition to Greyhound, Megabus, and Bolt bus stops. Road tripping to Philly isn’t a bad move either with less traffic than most other big cities on the Northeastern corridor as well as lower parking costs.

Walking & Biking

Philadelphia is the 5th most walkable large city in the US with 1,526,006 residents. The overwhelming majority of conclave events will be in the Middle City East, City Hall, Business District areas of Center City Philadelphia. In addition river attractions like Spruce Street Park on the Delaware River to the east of the city and Schuylkill River Park on the Schuylkill River to the West of Center City allow walkers and bicyclers alike to enjoy amazing views, culinary features without having to hail a cab, get behind the wheel or ride public transit.

Interested in exploring Philadelphia?

Public Transit


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), is the nation’s fifth-largest transit system. It is one of the most comprehensive bus, subway, trolley, trackless trolley and commuter-rail systems in the United States. You will want to get a SEPTA Key card to be able to ride all transit routes.
Riders aged 65 and older can get a SEPTA Key Senior Card to ride most routes for free and receive discounts on regional rail.

NJ Transit


The Port Authority Transit Corporation connects Center City Philadelphia to the South Jersey are via high speed rail.

Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor is the busiest passenger segment in the United States.


Center city’s top tourist and local attractions are all accessible via the Philly PHLASH Downtown Loop. Single rides are available for just $2 per passenger ($5 for an all-day pass per passenger) with service every 15 minutes at visitor-friendly stops across the city.

Ride Share & Taxis

Lyft and Uber both serve the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties. Check back here for discount codes.
Taxis are available via services like 215-GET-A-CAB and Curb Apps for your phone.


Philadelphia Parking Authority has a map of garages around the city.